The crying tooth

All babies cry and complain when teething and Jaydon is no exception.

Generally Jaydon is a laid-back child. He almost never complains. Strange loud noises do not seem to bother him. Interacting with new people, he is more than happy to smile at them. Cannot reach a toy? I would watch as he crawled or rolled to it and if he was unable to reach the object of interest Jaydon would huff and turn his attention elsewhere. Typically the only time Jaydon complains is when he is hungry or tired.

Jaydon teething

But Jaydon is teething and with that comes pain and discomfort, and a shrill that can peel paint. Parents know this sound. It causes a pain in your side, headaches in some and eardrums to ring.

Usually Jaydon’s shrill is rare but not when he is teething. The only relief has been baby Tylenol prescribed by our doctor, and baby Anbesol. I am surprised how quickly these two medicines work but we are very conservative when administering.

Yesterday was probably one of the worst so far. He cried and complained so much Jaydon actually took two, 2 ½ hour naps. His average nap time is about an hour each time.

Jaydon has five teeth and a sixth one on the way. His two baby friends only have three and four so we hope Jaydon will get through this quickly and with as little pain as possible.


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