Baby food, chasing down a bargain

Formula can be expensive. A can of 12.4 oz of Gerber will cost an average of $15 each and a 1.45 lb of Similac, $22 per container. Jaydon can go through a 12.4 oz can in just under a week so Frances and I are always on the lookout for cost cutting ways to provide for our child. Sales and coupons are a great start but we are looking for more than the occasional dollar off.

Gerber baby food

Frances has been a Craigslist user for years and she has gotten really good at spotting a deal and negotiating the price. So when she told me someone was selling several cans of formula on Craigslist for $15 I was skeptical.

It is one thing to purchase clothes and furniture from someone on Craigslist, but baby food?

Frances and I decided to take a look. We never buy anything without checking it out first anyway. We have even told a few people, we are not interested, after looking at what they were selling.

The cans of formula were clean and sealed and the expiration dates showed the formula was good for a year. Another thing we look at is the cleanliness of the person as well as how they interact with us. If we met someone at there house we would also take into account how clean the home is.

Gerber baby food

We felt comfortable with the young mother selling the formula so we decided to make the purchase. After arriving home we gave the cans another look, just to be sure they were not tampered with and everything was fine.

For the last couple of months Frances and I have been purchasing unopened containers of formula, cereal and jars of baby food from mothers who’s children have either outgrown or just did not like the food.

Today we scored with three different sellers acquiring 12 cans of formula, six boxes of cereal and over 30 jars of baby food while only spending $80. Just the 12 cans of formula would have a cost over $180 if we purchased them at the store. And as I said before, we always checkout every item, because with this purchase we did find three jars of baby food that had passed expiration dates. They of course got tossed.

Some people may not be comfortable purchasing baby food off Craigslist, and that is OK. But if you do be smart about it. Checkout the food and the seller. If you feel just a little bit unsure do not buy it and walk away.


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