Jaydon and the Balloon

Jaydon Balloon

Jaydon and the Balloon

Jaydon got a balloon for Valentine’s day. It was big, shaped like a heart and floated above his head.

For the next two days Jaydon would grab the balloons string and yank. He would watch as the balloon bounced in the air. Every so often we would bring the balloon down to him and he would laughed and play.

Then late on the second day Jaydon with one hand grabbed the balloons string and pulled it down. Then with the other hand he did the same thing. Over and over Jaydon alternated his hands has he pulled on the string.

As if he had done it many times before Jaydon retrieved the balloon from the sky.

We encouraged his success by telling him “good boy” and clapping. Jaydon laughed. I was so happy, proud and amazed when I saw this.

In the last month Jaydon has displayed remarkable advancements in problem solving.

We could not be more proud of him.


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