A world of music for your baby

We love introducing Jaydon to new sights, sounds and experiences.

Our iPod Touch playing children's music from around the world via an internet radio station.

Our iPod Touch playing children’s music from around the world via an internet radio station.

Jaydon has a white noise machine that also plays music. And even though it does a great job, 9-months of hearing the same sounds and five songs can get old.

I decided to take my unused iPod Touch and downloaded the apps TuneIn Radio and iHartRadio. Going through the settings I saved several music stations geared towards children. I found that some of the best stations for children’s music come from Great Britain, France and Greece.

The songs from France and Greece are in different languages but this is actually good for a baby’s development. By hearing a variety of languages Jaydon should have an easier time speaking and understanding not only English but possibly a foreign language as well.

For me the best part is the music. Unique songs, rhythms and beats, most I have never heard filling Jaydon’s room with the cultures of far away lands. Almost like a fairy tale.

I added a small speaker to help boost the sound.  For additional control I set the iPod Touch’s sleep timer so it will turn off in 20-minutes.


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  1. kwm229
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 08:58:34

    From lullabies crooning out of my infant twins CD player, to my youngest rocking in his high-chair at 11 months, to elementary school instrument lessons and “Craneville idol” at my kids elementary school, music has always weaved itself into the fabric of our everyday lives. What a wonderful gift you are giving Jaydon! Now just be careful of the lyrics in those songs … before you know it your toddler will be swearing in French, Greek or with a pervasive English accent 🙂 Thanks for including my experience in your post. http://www.renaissance-mom.com.

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