4 of Jaydon’s favorite toys

Interactive Zoo

Interactive Zoo

Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo
Most of Jaydon’s toys have been given as gifts or purchased from Craigslist.
We saw the Interactive Zoo at the store one day and decided to let Jaydon play with it as we shopped. What we did not expect was how much Jaydon loved the toy. Seeing how inexpensive it was I decided to purchase the zoo. That was a couple of months ago and Jaydon is still having a blast with this toy.

The Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo plays several songs and has a joystick that controls the monkeys movements. The monkey will also tell you the direction it’s moving. Buttons with images of other zoo animals play songs that introduce themselves to the child.

Sophie the Giraffe
Sophie is a 100% natural rubber teething toy free of phthalates. Made in France Sophie has been around for 50 years and is popular throughout Europe and with Hollywood stars.

Jaydon loves chewing on Sophie, especially when teething. When the giraffe is squeezed it will make a little squeaking noise. Sometimes if Sophie is traveling with Jaydon in the car Jaydon will repeatedly but gently squeeze Sophie. I like to use Sophie as an attention getter for Jaydon. He always smiles and reaches for it.

Mylar Balloon
On Valentine’s day mommy brought home a mylar balloon filled with helium. Within a couple of hours Jaydon was pulling on the string and watching as the balloon bounce around in the air. By the next day Jaydon learned he could pull the string hand over hand and the balloon would come down to him.

Jaydon Balloon Walker

Jaydon in his walker playing with a balloon

When Jaydon is in his walker he will grab the balloon’s string and pull it around the house, laughing.

I would say the walker is Jaydon’s favorite toy.

Like a rocket he streaks through the house bouncing off walls, doorways and appliances. Our floors are hardwood so he can pickup some speed for a baby. As he runs passed you Jaydon laughs and squeals with excitement.

With his new-found freedom Jaydon explores every nook and drawer, room and cabinet over and over again. Nothing is safe and everything must be secured and or put out of reach.

The walker provides Jaydon with a lot of exercise. But we like it because it allows him to follow us around the house like a little duckling.


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