The wandering pacifiers

First it was the Roaming Gnome, then the Roaming Baby, now it’s the Roaming Pacifiers. If you have ever had children then you know nothing goes missing more often than pacifiers.



Jaydon has, well I’m not sure how many pacifiers he has. As I write this post I count eight. And they are spread throughout the house. In the dish drainer, the car seat, travel bag, coffee table, crib and two hinging on a hook in his room.

Most of the time Jaydon will take a pacifier in the car and when going to bed. But in all honesty, any time can be pacifier time. Which makes it easy for any of them to end up missing.

The two situations that seem to encourage pacifiers to wander off is when Jaydon is riding in his stroller and at bed time.

When riding in his stroller, usually at a store or mall Jaydon will enjoy a little pacifier time. But stores are great places for pacifiers to jump ship. One minute Jaydon has a pacifier in his mouth the next he is dropping it on the ground. Of course we don’t see this so the pacifier takes the opportunity to run off and hide. We once lost two pacifiers within an hour at the mall.

A wandering pacifier

A wandering pacifier

The crib can be a notorious pacifier hiding place. With so many nooks, blankets, sheets, toys and the dreaded fall to the dark side of the crib, pacifiers can easily disappear for days even weeks at a time. I don’t know how many times I have torn the crib apart looking for pacifiers. Actually I think the answer is three. But most of the time I find them under the crib against the wall.

It doesn’t matter how many pacifiers you have or if you put them away in the same place every night one thing never fails. When Jaydon is fussy and wants a pacifier, we cannot find one.


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