A stroll through the park with mommy and friends

Spring got an early start this passed Saturday. The weather was so nice that we decided to call some of our friends and plan a day at the park.

Jaydon, mommy and friends

Jaydon and mommy (left) and their baby and mommy friends enjoying a day at the park.

Jaydon, mommy and daddy met with a couple of other mommies and their children at Mount Pleasant’s Palmetto Islands County Park. Located in a tropical setting the 943-acre park has miles of trails for walking and bicycling.

We decided to walk, pushing the children around in strollers.

Jaydon and his friends enjoyed the stroll as they got to see trees, birds, a gator pond, a river and lots of dogs. Other visitors walking through the park had brought their dogs with them and the babies got a several tong lashings from the K9’s.

The walk ended with a picnic at the jungle gym. The children were too young to play on them but they did not seem to mind. Most had fallen asleep anyway after the walk.


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