Jaydon cleans out the kitchen cabinet, Tupperware everywhere

All babies love opening the kitchen cabinet doors. They see mommy and daddy do it all the time. We open the doors, remove items and then put them back. For a child the need to mimic his or her parents behavior helps them learn. Plus the cabinets must hiding all these wonderful things to play with.

Jaydon and the Tupperware

Jaydon, holding onto the shelf with his right hand, tosses Tupperware out of the cabinet.

In our kitchen we currently have two cabinet doors baby proofed. They are the ones that lead under the sink. The other four contain non toxic items. Two contain pots and pans, one Tupperware and the other cereal and other mixed items.

Jaydon and the Tupperware

Jaydon climbs into the cabinet to reach for Tupperware hiding in the back.

Yesterday we sat down to have lunch in the kitchen. Jaydon had already eaten so he was playing on the floor. After wondering around the kitchen, talking to us in his fun baby talk, Jaydon eventually made it to the cabinet with the Tupperware.

Jaydon and the Tupperware

Jaydon, surrounded by Tupperware, sits on the floor and smiles. A job well done.

We have allowed Jaydon open the Tupperware cabinet before. He usually takes one or two items out and plays with them but this time Jaydon felt the need to take out more. A lot more. In fact Jaydon decided it was time to clean out the entire cabinet of Tupperware.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. LookingfortheSweetSpot
    Mar 26, 2012 @ 08:50:33

    Cute, I remember my sons going through that stage-getting all the pots out to bang on them like drums. It is a wonderful time of discovery.

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