Rilynne stops by for a visit

Jaydon got a surprise on Monday. Rilynne, a new friend Jaydon had met a couple of weeks ago came by to spend a few hours at mommy and daddy’s house.

The excitement was a little delayed however as Jaydon was asleep in the crib when she arrived and Rilynne was sleeping in her car seat.

After a 45-minute nap the two woke up and greeted one another.

Rilynne and Jaydon

Rilynne and Jaydon

Rilynne was a little shy and uncomfortable at first. She was in someone else’s home with people she had only met one time before. But after a few minutes Rilynne started to smile and interact with Jaydon and the rest of us.

Jaydon on the other hand was excited the moment he saw her. A big smile formed on his face and he stared laughing as he quickly made his way toward her.

The two played and interacted with one another and had a lot of fun.


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