Jaydon’s artistic side

At nearly a year old Jaydon has already begun to dabble in his artistic side.

Below we see Jaydon carefully positioned in the frame as a baby deep in thought. The green ball, a subtle splash of color, empowers Jaydon with positive energy.

Title: Contemplation

Title: Contemplation

Next we have Jaydon exploding with expression and energy. His hands reaching out as one strategically hides his eyes. An image so strong he dares you to look.

The Creature Within

Title: The Creature Within

For his third piece, Jaydon lures you in with what appears to be a simple photo. But that is the brilliance of his work. Jaydon has instead empowered the image with direction and strength as you cannot help to be drawn to the green ball.

Title: The Immovable Focal Point

Title: The Immovable Focal Point

Jaydon’s art may border on the surreal, but who are we to judge. For the old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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