Could Jaydon be a musical prodigy?

Since Jaydon was born we have exposed him to all sorts of music. When he started standing and walking around the play table Frances and I introduced him to several musical toys.

At first like most babies Jaydon would randomly hit a couple of keys, make some noise and then move on. But over the last couple of months Jaydon as shown some serious interest in each of the three toy instruments.

The Music Baby

Jaydon plays on one of the xylophone pianos.

Last month I found Jaydon sitting on the floor with the little red xylophone piano in his lap. He was hitting the keys and singing, the only way he knew how. It was impressive. A baby who had never seen a real piano or anyone playing one, pretending to be the piano man. That is when I started to pay attention.

Since then I watch and listened whenever Jaydon plays with his toy instruments. I will even think about the possibility of Jaydon performing one day.

The chances that Jaydon will be a great musician or even interested in music when he grows up is minimal at best. But that is one of the things about our child, his future possibilities are endless. And if not a musician then I hope for an athlete.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. No Telly, No Trouble
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 08:46:25

    Maybe not a prodigy, but as a music teacher I can say that the biggest predictor of success in music is parental support, not talent. If he seems really interested, get him listening to quality music at home (and yes, there is more to quality music than Mozart). If he really seems to want to play an instrument, the Suzuki method starts children as young as three. Caveat: this method expects full parent participation in lessons and practice!

  2. 7theaven
    Apr 26, 2012 @ 23:32:34

    He can definitely be!

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