Instagram, Jaydon and Daddy’s new social media toy

In the last year Instagram has become one of the most popular photo apps for mobile devices. Until recently the app was only available for the iPhone and iPad. But as of this year you can now get Instagram on Droid devices as well.

Typically I like to use my camera when I plan on taking photos. On the occasions I do not have my camera I will use my Droid X phone instead. I typically do not use fancy photo apps because I would rather take clean standard photos and then edit them with Photoshop later, especially if I want to add special affects to the image.

That does not mean I will not try a new app when it becomes available though.

Jaydon Instagram

Four Instagram images of Jaydon I took over the last couple of weeks.

As soon as I found out that Instagram was available for Droid devices I download and install the app.

I must say I like the filter options and the fact you can quickly and easily upload your image right to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. I have already taken several photos of Jaydon and posted them online.

I may not see a need for most fancy photo apps but Instagram has defiantly proven to be an app I would use.



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