Jaydon finds a damaged Geocache

Jaydon looks at a geocache we found.

Jaydon is off to a great start locating geocaches.

Geocaching is a treasure hunt where you use a computer and a GPS to find hidden items throughout the world.


Today was a great opportunity to geocache in Mount Pleasant, SC. Jaydon’s mom wanted to go to several consignment shops so this gave Jaydon and Daddy an opportunity to look for geocaches hidden the area.

Jaydon and Daddy found three caches.

Traditional Cache An Easy Cache for Beginners of All Ages! GC2Y09A

Traditional Cache East Cooper Plaza, GC2X3R6

Traditional Cache Rookery Cache, GC3HZ2X

We were actually going to look for four but the first geocache, “Shem Creek Micro, GC2X1XG” was down a steep embankment next to a busy road and I was not comfortable taking Jaydon down there.


The first two caches we found were in good shape as they should be. But the last geocache, Rookery Cache, GC3HZ2X, turned out to be in poor condition. In fact there were actually two caches with in a few feet of each other.

According to Geocaching.com the geocache “Rookery Cache” was once a member only cache. Only people who paid a membership fee would be able to find these special geocaches. But then later is was replaced with a basic member geocache. These are geocaches that are available to free members.

Both caches were damaged and exposed. The Members only cache had an old log book (piece of paper) lying next to it. The other cache was cracked and did not have its log.

Damaged Geocaches

Technically I found the “cache” for this location, so I signed the old log and recorded my find on Geocachin.com. I also reported that the cache needed maintenance so the cache owner can replace the two caches with a new one.

Jaydon had a lot of fun. I look forward to many years of geocaching with him.


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