Jaydon hates the new leash law

Jaydon loves to take off and run. When he sees something that catches his eye, off he goes.

“I must touch it, grab it, EAT IT!” Jaydon says to himself as he darts towards the endless selection of interesting objects. It was a rugrat race just to keep up with Jaydon.

Daddy attaching the Child Harness Backpack to Jaydon

Then this passed weekend mommy and daddy found something to reel in Jaydon’s speedy feet. A Child Harness Backpack!

This light baby boy blue backpack comes with two compartments to hold food, drink cups and toys. But best of all it also comes with a leash! Just strap on the backpack, attach the leash and watch as Jaydon walks in circles.

This is great! Now Jaydon cannot take off and get into trouble.

At first Jaydon was OK with the backpack. He smiled and turned in place as if to show it off. But then Jaydon tried to walk beyond the length of the leash and that is when the fun began.

Jaydon walking around on his new Child Harness Backpack

Jaydon was not sure what was going on. He tried and tried but could not go more than a few feet. Once Jaydon realized he was stuck he became very unhappy. That is a nice way of saying he started crying and throwing a tantrum.

Jaydon calmed down after a couple of minutes and began the adhere to the new leash law. He protested a couple of times but eventually gave up. I think this is going to work out great.


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  1. dirtyrottenparenting
    Aug 22, 2012 @ 12:46:32

    We had a monkey pack leash for ours. Then they learned to open the snaps.

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