Jaydon at Mepkin Abbey

It was probably one of the nicest days in November so Jaydon, Mommy and Daddy decided to head out and visit Mepkin Abbey.

Jaydon holds a sign that asks visitors not to proceed any farther.

Mepkin Abbey is a community of Roman Catholic monks established in 1949 on the site of the historic Mepkin Plantation located on the Cooper River, north of Charleston, South Carolina.

The site today was open to the public and on display and beautifully placed throughout the gardens and the library were pieces of art depicting the Nativity called “Finding Bethlehem.”

Daddy, Mommy and Jaydon at Mepkin Abbey.

Besides the art Mepkin Abbey has a beautiful garden and view of the Cooper River. While walking the garden we saw the conclusion to a wedding and on a hill a grave site with stone markers dating back to 1700’s.


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