Jaydon and Ryley at the mall

Today not only was I watching my own son but I volunteered to babysit Ryley. Jaydon has known Ryley for over a year now and both kids love playing together.

Instead of being cooped up in the house all day I decided to take the boys to the mall.

Jaydon and Ryley at the mall

At first pushing two strollers was a challenge but I soon found a system that worked. We strolled pass stores and around booths. I stopped by the model helicopter booth so the Jaydon and Ryley could watch the model float and fly around. Then we spent some time in the book store and the calendar/toy store.

When the boys got hungry I treated them to some Chick-fil-A. They were very well behaved as they ate their meals.

Ryley and Jaydon play with a fake cell phone while hanging out in the play area at the mall.

After lunch we went to the play area where Jaydon and Ryley ran, climbed and jumped. They had a great time. And so did I.


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