Jaydon’s heart checkup

Last year Jaydon’s doctor discovered an inconsistent noise when lessening to his heart during a routine checkup. Apparently one of the three flaps in one of his heart valves was not opening all the way. This can cause the blood to agitate a little as it flows pass.

A couple days after the appointment Jaydon underwent a heart scan at MUSC. The doctor said it was not bad and the valve should start opening all the way over time as Jaydon grows.

Jaydon watches TV as the monitor scans his heart.

Now a year later Jaydon has his heart scanned a second time and the news is good. The flap is opening wider.

We learned that this problem occurs in a lot of children and that most parents never realize it because the condition is hard to detect. Usually the flap corrects itself over time so most people go their entire lives without realizing that they ever had a problem.

Our next appointment is in two years and the doctor is confident the flap will open fully in time.


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