“The shoe, the shoe”

Over the last month Jaydon has impressed us with how fast he has been able to learn and speak new words. Usually he communicates his wants and needs with only a single word. But yesterday Jaydon began to expand his communication skills.

We were at The Home Depot looking for a part I needed to fix a faucet. With Jaydon sitting in the child seat of the grocery cart we went looking for the part. After locating what we needed Jaydon and I took our time looking up and down the other aisles as we headed back to the front to check out.

Shortly after leaving the aisle with the part I needed Jaydon started saying, “th ewe, th ewe.”

Jaydon is missing a shoe.

Jaydon loves to jibber-jabber so at first I did not recognize that he was saying. It was not until we had made it to the front of the store before I understood. By now Jaydon had spoken-up and his words were clear and understandable.

“The shoe, the shoe.”

The shoe? I thought to myself. I looked down and saw one of Jaydon’s shoes was missing.

We had purchased new shoes for Jaydon last week and they were a little big so he could grow into them. Apparently one of his shoes had fallen off somewhere in the store.

Shoe in the aisle.

I quickly turned the cart around and retraced our steeps. We zigzagged up and down the aisles looking for the shoe. Our search took us all the way back the shelf we got the part from. On the floor was a little toddler shoe.

I picked up the shoe and put it back on Jaydon’s foot as he repeated the word “shoe, shoe.”

I was very prod of Jaydon. I told him, “good boy, yes, shoe” and gave him a hug. He smiled.

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