Jaydon and Daddy meet Rommie, the Therapy Dog

Last Thursday Jaydon and I made plans to meetup with mommy in the children’s section of the Charleston County Public Library.

No sooner did we entered the room when I hear Jaydon say, “dog.”

Jaydon typically never says dog unless he actually sees a dog. Expecting to see a book or poster with the image of a dog on it I turned around to look. To my surprise sitting near several other children was this BIG dog.

The children were laughing and petting the dog. A couple of them seem a little shy, possibly even scarred. The dog was as big if not bigger than some of the kids.

The handler invited us to come over and meet her dog, which she said was named Rommie. It turns out that Rommie is a therapy dog provided by MUSC’s Therapy Program. Apparently once a month Rommie stops by the children’s room at the library to visit the kids.

Rommie the MUSC Therapy dog, Jaydon and Daddy.

Rommie the MUSC Therapy dog, Jaydon and Daddy.

According to MUSC’s web site, Rommie is a Leonberger. He was born in July 2006, and has been volunteering at MUSC Children’s Hospital since March 2010. He is a Registered Therapy Dog, Companion Dog, AKC Canine Good Citizen, and a Rally Novice. MUSC has 14 Therapy dogs that visit the hospitals and other institutions.

Jaydon wanted to pet Rommie but was a little unsure about that big head with all those teeth and slobbering tongue. So Jaydon decided to make his way around to the other side of the dog and pet him on the back. AS he pet Rommie Jaydon beamed with a big smile.

Visit this link for more information on MUSC’s Pet Therapy Program.


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