Pebbles and Stones

Jaydon got to spend the cool morning at Wannamaker County Park. It was actually very busy with several school buses dropping off kids for a Friday activity day.

Jaydon and I spent most of our time at the playground. He ran, climbed and slid down slides. But he one thing he did the most, was play with pebbles and stones.

Jaydon first decided to start playing with the rocks after seeing other toddlers picking them up and tossing them. This quickly became a bad habit as Jaydon started mimicking what they were doing.

As hard as I tried to redirect Jaydon’s attention to other things once he started playing with the stones their was no stopping him.

Luckily Jaydon did not throwing too many pebbles. Most of the time he would just grab a fistful, look at them and then drop them back onto the ground.

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