Brothers, 18-years apart

Wordless Wednesday

Devon 21 and Jaydon 3.

Devon 21 and Jaydon 3.

Jaydon dances the night away

My son Jaydon is about to turn 3 and he is already out on the town dancing and meeting girls.

Toddler tug-of-war

My son Jaydon, on the left, and his good friend Ryley get into a tug-of-war with a shop vac hose. The boys may fight and argument for a few seconds but quickly get over it and return to having fun together.

Da Plane Da Plane

Running through the park Jaydon stops to tell dada that he hears a plane flying overhead.

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The little Tax Deduction

Wordless Wednesday

A blast from the past. Photo of Jaydon from April 2012.

A blast from the past. Photo of Jaydon from April 2012.

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Jaydon’s Easter Egg Hunt

It was Jaydon’s second Easter but the first time he was actually able to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt.

A little confused at first Jaydon quickly picked up on the goal of the event. He watched as his five cousins started running around picking up colorful eggs off the ground. Then seeing one nearby Jaydon darted over and picked it up. At first he was unsure what to do with the egg. So I pointed to his pail and said, “put it in here.” He did, smiled and then ran off looking for more eggs.

Jaydon finds an Easter Egg behind a rock.

Jaydon carefully drops the Easter Egg into the pail.

Jaydon is not too sure about wearing bunny ears.

Jaydon and his cousin Kylie show off the Easter Eggs they found.

An Easter Egg hidden in the yard.

Jaydon had a great time running around with the other kids. He ended up locating eight Easter Eggs in all and in the eggs found a total of $2.25.

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Cute is as cute does

Jaydon reaching for the lamp.

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